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White Tiger Workshop is a content creation powerhouse. With you, we create content packages that will craft your business’ online identity.
Our films and our photos will give your website, social media and brand a boost, with innovative and creative content.
When it comes to online presence we will ensure your business stands out above the rest. With high-quality, professional and engaging content designed to get people talking and walking through your front door.
Our packages are applicable to all industries and can be used across a wide range of platforms.

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Unique Films

Our award-winning films display a cinematic quality that looks as though it's the product of a blockbuster budget. We use the latest in image capture technology to keep our kit to minimal size. This allows us to travel as a mobile production studio and keep costs down.



Our photography packages can be purchased with our videos in order to maximise how much great content we can create with our time together. These photos supplement the videos to showcase your brand in a bunch of stunning and cohesive photos that will make your social feed gel and stand out. Just check out our Instagram!


Social Bytes

Social Media is like a garden. It needs continual attention and nurturing. Our packages allow you to drip feed content out over a matter of weeks or months - Water your garden and watch it grow! Social Bytes are short form clips that are crafted from the rushes from our video shoot. They're short and sharp clips that can have a message or act as awesome sizzle reels that pack a bit more of a punch than still photos.