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Specialised Content

Crafting Your Online Identity

Providing specialised, cohesive content that shows off your brand. A professional, all-in-one, way to build your online presence.

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Creativity Unleashed

Content is King

Using photo and video to showcase your brand. Content for web, for social media, print, television and cinema advertising!

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Innovative Storytelling

Telling Your Story

Tell the story your business wants told, through beautiful and cinematic films.

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White Tiger Workshop

Hand Crafted Films


Our Story…

White Tiger Workshop is a content creation powerhouse. With you, we create content packages that will craft your business’ online identity.
Our films and our photos will give your website, social media and brand a boost, with innovative and creative content.
When it comes to online presence we will ensure your business stands out above the rest. With high-quality, professional and engaging content designed to get people talking and walking through your front door.
Our packages are applicable to all industries and can be used across a wide range of platforms.

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Unique Films

Our award-winning films display a cinematic quality that looks as though it's the product of a blockbuster budget. We use the latest in image capture technology to keep our kit to minimal size. This allows us to travel as a mobile production studio and keep costs down.



Our photography packages can be purchased with our videos in order to maximise how much great content we can create with our time together. These photos supplement the videos to showcase your brand in a bunch of stunning and cohesive photos that will make your social feed gel and stand out. Just check out our Instagram!


Social Bytes

Social Media is like a garden. It needs continual attention and nurturing. Our packages allow you to drip feed content out over a matter of weeks or months - Water your garden and watch it grow! Social Bytes are short form clips that are crafted from the rushes from our video shoot. They're short and sharp clips that can have a message or act as awesome sizzle reels that pack a bit more of a punch than still photos.

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Our Video Packages

Digital Mission Statement


The Digital Mission Statement is you and your story as told by YOU. It is a 1 minute snapshot of your business, with gorgeous cinematic B-Roll accompanying your voice.
We will sit down for a quick interview and delve into what your story is – what your business is all about and use that as the base for your new beautiful video.
The Digital Mission Statement is all about you, your story and, at its core – why you’re in business.
We come to you and conduct an interview with you to find your story. You may know it already, or it may take some digging, but we will find it.
We then shoot gorgeous, cinematic sequences that epitomise your brand and your story. This should take the best part of an 8 hour day.
We edit it all together to give you a beautiful one minute video that tells your story for you.

“We are all story tellers. We live in a network of stories. There isn’t a stronger connection between people than storytelling.”

The Cinematic Film


This is a cinematic short film that digs into and understands the core of your business. It highlights your business values and showcases what makes you special in a visual and cinematic way.
It is designed to really wow your audience with story and beauty.
This is a short film, staring a valiant hero – your business. It still tells your story, but in a more stylised and creative way.
These films are gorgeous as a hero banner on your website and work really well for specific campaigns, whether its highlighting a new range of products, a new menu, a history of your business or just your core business values.
These gorgeous films are guaranteed to gain organic reach and really set your business apart from your competitors.

“Purposeful storytelling isn’t show business, its good business”

Outside the Box


This is for the projects that don’t quite fit the mould of White Tiger’s photo and video packages. This is where we can get the creative juices flowing and think a bit outside the box. We go from mobile studio to full-on production mode whereby we team up with experienced producers to; conceptualise, script, storyboard, produce and edit your specialised film or films.
These projects could include; Music Videos, Training and Corporate Videos, Television and Cinema Advertising, Longer Form Videos. The sky’s the limit!
This is a totally custom package for specific needs. We collaborate with experienced producers to bring your unique vision to life. We love a challenge and are keen to hear your ideas!
Examples may include; Music Videos, Television and Cinema Advertising, Longer-Form Videos, Educational and Instructional Content and More.

“The world is a canvas for your imagination. You are the painter. There are no rules. Get to work.”

What We've Done

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Pacific Dawn


Uluru – Kata Tjuta


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